Monday, December 8, 2008


1. What scene from a sit-com, book, film or play have you found the funniest and why?

I find a lot of scenes from the Pixar movie The Incredibles very funny. My daughter, the husband and me have watched that movie many, many times - the funniest scene is probably the one where Mr. Incredible comes home and accidentally ruins his car. Shaun the Sheep is also very funny, I think.

2. When was the last time you laughed so hard it hurt and who or what made you laugh?

I went away for the weekend with the husband (just got back today). We stayed at a hotel which - like all hotels - had TV. We don't have a TV at home, so it's a bit of a treat for us to watch some when we're away. Commercials, too. I love commercials! There was one commercial about a pill that supposedly helps you when you're constipated. It featured lots of happy customers who just seemed so satisfied about the fact that they could poop again.... we were in stitches. You had to be there, I guess.

3. What’s the funniest or most absurd situation you have found yourself in? Did you find it funny at the time or afterwards?

I remember lots of funny conversations that I experienced. It would be tedious to re-tell them here, but when I think of fun times, I think of fun conversations. Often with one particular girlfriend of mine, and with my younger brother. He's a great person to laugh with.

4. How would you describe your sense of humour and why do you think there is so much variation among individual’s senses of humour?

I like irony and word-play. I sometimes have a hard time with people who don't understand irony, and I myself have been stung by it sometimes, too - when what was meant to be funny turned out to be painful.
Why is there so much variation? Because people are as different as their sense of humour is. It's to do with the time an culture you live in, too - I once read a collection of Japanese jokes that were in no way funny to me. A similar experience was seeing an exhibition of cartoons by Lyonel Feininger. They were from around 1900 and I didn't really understand any of them.

5. Is humour powerful?

Yes. Where would we be without it?

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