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RESPONSIBILITY is defined as, “the quality or state of being responsible: as a: moral, legal, or mental accountability”

1. What is your principle on RESPONSIBILITY. And how does that play out in your life? (principle defined as: set of beliefs that guide your actions).
2. Where does the principle of responsibility come from? Does it come from religious beliefs? As an offshoot from philosophical principles like “the golden rule? Does it rise out of fear? Is it a requirement of being human?
3. What is something you learned from being irresponsible
4. What is an example in the world today in which you, or someone greater than you needs to take more responsibility?
5. Is everyone in the world “responsible” for everyone else in the world? Is a country responsible for something greater than their country? America is often criticized for being more responsible than others in the world believe they should be. Is that responsibility or something else? On the other hand, The United Nations estimates that the conflict in Darfur has left as many as 500,000 dead from violence and disease. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum estimates that 100,000 have died each year because of government attacks. Most non-governmental organizations use 200,000 to more than 400,000. How do you decide what you are responsible for?


Dear readers – my apologies for dropping the ball over the last 10 days on our next set of questions. There are details behind the reason, including a misunderstanding with another author as well as my own “under the weather” reasons, but let me get back to the mission at hand. (You can ready more about my own situation at my blog – listed in the left hand column).

Since I needed to provide a second weeks worth of questions, I debated for several days on what to write next. It has been a struggle.

Like many Americans, we are in shock as the melt down of our economy. Investments are going away. Markets are down. Bank accounts are down. For me personally – it of course affects me dramatically – as my “future” life of choice was a little dependent upon my savings not only doing well – but staying around. Oh well. Time to be flexible!

I thought about having the economy be central to this week’s set of questions. But it surely was only a US crisis, right? But on Monday, the global economy became infected, proving that the world is smaller than ever. Not only was America hoping to make a fast buck, but we talked the rest of the world in to buying portfolios based upon this “upside potential” promise.

So, the crisis is now a global crisis. But is this worth writing about?

Instead, I am choosing to ask FIVE QUESTIONS around a related theme: RESPONSIBILITY.

In my opinion, this is central to not only the financial crisis, our American election – but it is something that Americans are learning harshly in a lesson. Our government hasn’t been responsible. Many people haven’t been responsible. And now – we are paying a price.

So – let’s talk about RESPONSIBILITY – and five questions around it…

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