Thursday, October 16, 2008


1. What is your principle on RESPONSIBILITY. And how does that play out in your life?
For reasons unknown to me, responsibility is the Big Thing. The Right Thing. Something I like and respect, something I consider a cornerstone of society. Big words, but true words. I am one of those people who have a hard time walking into a room without being elected or appointed something. Do I want that? Well, yes, often times I do. Often times I don't. But since Taking Responsibility is the Right Thing, I find myself taking a lot of it. Perhaps because I am a big brother?

2. Where does the principle of responsibility come from?
It's a human foundation. An attempt at the idea of the greater good.

3. What is something you learned from being irresponsible?
That ”irresponsible” and ”Andreas” might be good for each other sometimes – but we don't like to hang out.

4. What is an example in the world today in which you, or someone greater than you needs to take more responsibility?
I am listening to Wham! as I write this. I should probably take active responsibility and click my iTunes forward. But hell, I like them! At least sometimes! No, seriously: All small personal responsibility is the key to larger responsibilities. Apathy amongst young people who don't have the decency to vote in their national elections, that's one thing that drives me crazy. People who say ”I wasn't informed” when information is free.

5. Is everyone in the world “responsible” for everyone else in the world? How do you decide what you are responsible for?
Yes, but only in the personal meeting. Do I meet someone thirsty while taking a walk in the desert? I will share my water. But will I sell all my assets to bring water to everyone who needs it? Probably not. I might help contribue somehow – charity, opinion-making – but the actual physical helping hand can't help everyone. And how do we decide? Well, most of us don't. We take a shot from the hip and let decisions be made for us.

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