Thursday, September 25, 2008

AUTHOR BIO: Eduardo Infante

(updated!) EDUARDO INFANTE. Aguascalientes, Mexico. Husband. Father of two. Economics & Business Teacher. Football (American) enthusiast. Once thought to become a priest, or the president of his country. Loves to talk. Argue. And listen, “I like teaching because I love talking. But I also thoroughly enjoy listening. And teaching gives you a chance to perform both duties, listening and talking, almost in an non-ending way. And then, there's one more thing I also like doing: arguing.Yes, I'm more of the arguing type. My friends like to say that I'm a stubborn person. They may be right. I'm as stubborn as you can find, especially when there's a beer or two involved. Sometimes I argue because I'm right, and like to defend my points of view. Some other times, I also argue because I like to. Because I can. Throughout life, I've learned that one can get to know oneself very well through arguing, though. Knowing something is wrong and not doing anything to change it, at least to speak up and point it, just does not make sense to me. And so, I've probably gotten myself in more arguments already than most people have in their lifetime.” Eduardo is a daily blogging author at “On Anything Random Thoughts” at:

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