Sunday, September 28, 2008

Attachment - Andreas

1. What are you attached to that may ultimately be providing more pain, suffering or negative than than pleasure and benefit? And why do you continue to stay attached?
My life, when/if I get old. Because it is in our nature to hang on in there. I just said farewell to my grandpa, on his 96th birthday. I am almost certain I will not see him again, but he is still around as I write this. For his sake, I wish he had passed about a year ago.

2. Does your “attachment score” at the following survey indicate anything important about your feelings on attachment?
I am not surprised to see that I am very relaxed and safe - I am in a wonderful marriage since 2001, and with my wife since 1996, when I was just 20!

3. Is someone too attached to you?
No. Daring to be attached is a part of daring to love to the fullest.

4. Share your thoughts on the following quote: ”Suffering finds its roots in your desire to be free from something that's either present for you right now or something that you fear may be present for you in the future . . . Your suffering is directly proportional to the intensity of your attachments to these passing phenomena and to the strength of your habit of seeking for some kind of personal identity in the world of forms.” - Chuck Hillig
It's a quote that doesn't seem to catch me, no matter how many times I re-read it. (But I disagree with the usage of the words ”directly proportional” in this context. This matter is less mathematical than that.)

5. Are you able to get rid of the life you’ve planned, so you can have the life that is waiting for you?
Able, perhaps, but not willing.

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