Thursday, September 25, 2008

AUTHOR BIO: Rick Von Feldt

(updated!) RICK VON FELDT, Redwood Shores, California. Retiree. Thinker. Writer. Rick spent 13 years in the high tech industry specializing in Human Resources, training and leadership development. In May, 2008, he has been taking a sabbatical to enjoy other things on his dream list besides work. His root are from Kansas, but he has lived across the world including 7 years in Singapore and Japan. In addition to his blog “Run Rick Run” at, you can also read about Rick’s experiences in the middle of the 2003 tsunami at Along with hundreds of others who experienced the tsunami, Rick blogged the stories of himself and other survivors. He is single. A uncle of six. And a friend of many.

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Sara said...

Very cool. Omega, Sam, Les and I had lunch today. One of them mentioned your blog. You are way cool. One of your fans --- Sara