Sunday, November 2, 2008

ANDREAS EKSTROM: Travel, Work and Politics

1. Can you describe a favorite travel memory? It doesn’t have to be extraordinary - simple is good, too – but what is a memory of some travel experience that you treasure?
Stepping out on a wintery Chicago Street a few years back, a mild evening, having a four hour layover, just hitting the town since I happen to know a great place for hot chocolate there. A wonderfully urban feeling. I also love a memory of visiting ”Bianca Regina” while she lived in London – a little over ten years ago, which, in itself, is a breathtaking thought.

2. What is something you’ve learned from traveling – a lesson that you’ve tried to carry with you in the rest of your life?
Travel light. Get rid of unnecessary baggage.

3. I’ve been doing a bit of reading about work and careers lately, and came across this quote: “Jump, and a net will appear.” What does that say to you, if anything, and does it apply in any way to your own life?
That's all about trusting oneself. I could probably be better at that.

4. Here is another quote about work and life choices that I recently discovered: “I must simplify my life, and whittle down what I do to the things that I am absolutely the most passionate about, or else I risk being stuck in mediocrity.” Similarly, what does that say to you, if anything, and does it apply to your own life?
A constant struggle for me.

5. The U.S presidential election is on Tuesday. By the time you have to answer this question, we’ll know the outcome of the vote. How do you think the result of this election affects how the world views the U.S.? (Or, if you prefer, how you personally view the U.S., or how the U.S. might view itself?)
A big question. Mr Obama represents a more modern and international view of the world. That does give me some hope.

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